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Emma Balestriere

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Public Relations

Events Coordinator Marketing

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About Me

I'm an energetic and success driven public relations professional with a passion for building strong relationships and telling compelling stories. I bring fresh perspectives and a drive to make a positive impact through effective communication strategies.



B.A. Journalism - 2021

Ithaca College

Press Releases

Media Outreach

PR Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Event Coordination

Nadine Johnson & Associates

Junior Account Executive

Crimmins Staffing

Marketing & Social Media Manager



+1 203 554 3819



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My Work

The European Fine Art Foundation

Tribeca Film Festival

After-Party 2022

Andy Valmorbida's

River Labs Launch at Musica NYC

My Work

Tribeca Film Festival 2022 After - Party

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While most were awaiting the highly anticipated 2022

edition of the Tribeca Film Festival my team and I were

planning for the Tribeca Film Festival 2022 after-party.

This included creating press releases, sending guest lists,

and event planning.

To create a successful strategy the PR strategy was

developed at the late stages of the event coordinating process.

Strategy for this event included pre-event press releases,

social media marketing, and direct communication

with Vanity Fair and Paper Magazine.

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My Work

River - Labs NFT Marketplace Launch

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When art dealer Andy Valmorbida attempted to enter the NFT space in late June of 2022, I led a team to create the most comprehensive strategy possible. A PR strategy was created for Valmorbida, a marketing strategy for his in-house NFT's, a separate marketing strategy for his NFT marketplace, and event coordination. Along with this, my team and I spearheaded the brain-storming sessions for digital product design and cost analysis.

For this client we were tested by the request of developing crisis PR strategy as well as the strategies we were more accustomed to. In addition I planned the entire launch party from guest lists, pre and post press releases, vendor contributions, product marketing, and media outreach. Publishers involved included Vanity Fair, Paper Magazine, Daily Beast, the New York Times, Direct collaboration from Anthony Haden (Art Newspaper & the Daily Beast), Peter Davis (the Daily Beast), and Nick Haramis (the New York Times).

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Writing SAmples

Please click the images for press releases and the website I wrote

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